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Benefits of HyperFund Global

As a member of HyperFund Global, the HyperCommunity, you will be able to leverage a unique & innovative system that the founders have developed to provide unprecedented opportunities for the average everyday person.

When you join HyperFund Global Community, you will be able to take advantage of;

  1. The Mars Academy:

At The Mars Academy, you will learn Blockchain and Crypto Knowlegde from 3 top universities

  1. Daily Rewards

You will earn daily rewards on your membership value, leveraging the groups expertise and growth.

  1. Pre-Sales Offers from New Projects

Opportunity to get exclusive pre-sale offers on new potential projects at great discount.


Ability To Open a HyperBC Bank Account:

Through HyperFund Global, you will learn about highly secure payment solutions.

  • How to convert crypto into fiat currency in 176 countries, 100% secure and simple.
  • Spend BTC, ETH, USDT and other currencies in your personal HyperBC Bank account as if it is cash.
  • Businesses can easily accept payments in cryptocurrency too.
  • Earn staking interest on your crypto balance daily.

All with 0% annual expense & KYC and only 1.5% exchange fee.

Buy a 1,000 HU Package and Get a 100% Secure Hard Wallet with;

  • Bluetooth Connection
  • Bank Level Security Hardware
  • Available Globally
  • Seamless Connection With HyperPay

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Published by HyperFund Global Rewards Opportunity

HyperFund Global is the world's most credible passive rewards program available today. It is a unique one in a lifetime opportunity. Join Our HyperFund Global Team to take advantage of this great opportunity.

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