How Does HyperFund Global Work?

HyperFund Global has a vision to advance Blockchain technology through the creation of non-profit Blockchain education centres around the globe with a view to educating people in the “new economy” and providing the average person the opportunity to achieve financial freedom.

Here’s How Hyperfund Global Works

You may join HyperFund Global by creating your HyperFund account which is simple and free and there are no monthly membership fees or forced upgrades.

Once you deposit USDT (Tether) and purchase your membership, you’ll start receiving daily Rewards of 0.5% of the value of your purchased membership, until 3x that membership value is reached.

When you buy a package, your “Pending Rewards” in the app will increase to 2X-3X the package price. (Example: One 1000HU package gives you 2000HU-3000HU in Pending Rewards).

Once your rewards balance equals at least 50HU, you may choose to redeem it by converting to digital currency and withdraw. Alternatively, your 50HU or more can be used to “rebuy” mini membership packages adding to your membership value thereby generating additional rewards.

Other activities of the HyperTech group which launched HyperFund, includes mining, market making, angel investing, staking incubated projects, utility token listing, and crypto exchanges.

About HyperFund Global Opportunity

HyperFund Presentation, About The HyperTech Group

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HyperFund Global is the world's most credible passive rewards program available today. It is a unique one in a lifetime opportunity. Join Our HyperFund Global Team to take advantage of this great opportunity.

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